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We create captivating logos, brands that speak volumes, and websites that draw in your unique customers, define who you are, and work for you. We believe that, through the process of creating something meaningful, appealing, and functional, we also create space to help you recognize just how awesome your business truly is.

So, let’s work together and at the end of this thing, fly something you can be proud of!


You could say Pennant Creatives started with a new encounter one night in 2010.

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We’re more than a sum of our skills – we’re your dedicated team of designers and content creators.

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Our project lifecycles have been honed over years of practice.

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web design & development

Barbara Breimhurst Jones

The website of an artist needs to ensure that the art displayed shines brighter than anything else on the site– the content then, isn’t just an afterthought, but instead a complement to all of the beautiful works.


I found the process of assembling the content to be especially gratifying as I began to see the final product emerge both in my vision of what we were working toward and then, as content fell in place, in realizing the value of my artwork.

Barbara Breimhurst Jones, Artist