Outdated website with no established brand and lacking brand guidelines.


Immersive exploration to delve into the heart of the work. Vibrant visuals with modern design elements to effectively showcase the brand’s personality and impressive capabilities.


A refreshed Website with an Impactful Logo. A solid marketing tool to showcase portfolios and possibilities.

In the vibrant world of visual storytelling, HeyJinx! Design stands as a testament to creativity, efficiency, and a dash of fun. Founded by the dynamic Paige Durborow, HeyJinx! is not just a resource for photography and graphic design services; it’s a celebration of imagination and impactful collaborations. When Paige approached Pennant, her five-year-old business lacked a cohesive brand and an updated website, posing a challenge that begged for a creative solution.

Championing efficiency in her bustling schedule, Paige, the driving force behind HeyJinx!, faced a branding dilemma. Five years in, the absence of a solid logo and brand left her uncertain about the direction her visual identity should take. Simultaneously, an outdated website demanded a facelift for improved representation. Crucially, the challenge extended beyond aesthetics; the website needed to mirror Paige’s work ethic and lively personality, acting as a reliable marketing tool. Updating the site efficiently was equally imperative to keep up with HeyJinx!’s dynamic portfolio.

Pennant’s approach to Paige’s challenge began with an immersive exploration of HeyJinx!’s essence. Understanding the unique experience clients encounter in their collaborations, we translated Paige’s personality and work ethic into vibrant visuals. Modern design elements, a playful Raccoon symbolizing Paige in action, and a less formal tone of voice were employed to create a brand that not only reflects the creativity of HeyJinx! but also mirrors the vivacity Paige brings to her work. The website, designed for easy updates, became a canvas for the dynamic visuals and messaging, establishing HeyJinx! as a unique player in the photography and design landscape.

The outcomes of this collaboration speak volumes. HeyJinx! now boasts a beautiful website and a logo that perfectly encapsulates Paige’s unique qualities. The site serves as a solid marketing tool, offering a visual journey through HeyJinx!’s portfolio. Paige, equipped with training on independent content updates and a comprehensive guide on brand usage, is empowered to take charge of her online presence. The excitement surrounding the launch is palpable, with Paige viewing the investment as a launchpad for HeyJinx!’s future marketing endeavors.

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