Lititz Chooses Love


Creating an impactful online presence for LGBTQ+ resource and outreach organization


Brand-focused, strategic overhaul, visual impact


Revitalized, unified online hub

In a community striving for inclusivity, Lititz Chooses Love, a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for LGBTQ+ individuals, faced the challenge of reaching its audience effectively. With bi-annual events, a resource center, and various support services, the organization needed a cohesive online presence to connect with the Lancaster County community and beyond.

Our team collaborated closely with Lititz Chooses Love to unveil the essence of their mission – openness and the celebration of individual stories. Recognizing the grassroots nature of the organization, we crafted a website that not only showcased the two impactful events, National Coming Out Day celebration and Lititz Pride Festival, but also spotlighted the resource center’s inclusive features—a gender-inclusive clothing closet and a low-barrier food pantry available to all Lancaster County residents.

We worked collaboratively to capture the spirit of the organization, emphasizing the faces and stories of its leaders and event attendees. The website became a testament to the diversity and strength of the community, portraying a vivid image of the safe spaces and connections Lititz Chooses Love fosters.

To address safety concerns, we integrated a quick escape button, prioritizing the well-being of users navigating the site. With a unique visual identity, the website not only mirrored the brand’s values but also provided practical information for those seeking to explore the community offerings, safe businesses, and ally-owned or LGBTQ+ owned/led organizations.

The outcome was a meticulously organized website that served as a comprehensive online hub for Lititz Chooses Love’s services. Featuring an events page and calendar, a resource list, and detailed information on accessing the resource center, the website became an invaluable tool for both the organization and its community. Beyond being visually appealing, it successfully bridged the gap between the grassroots efforts on the ground and the digital realm, making the organization’s offerings easily accessible to a broader audience.

Lititz Chooses Love’s website now stands as a testament to the power of digital platforms in amplifying the voices of grassroots movements. By providing a welcoming and informative space, the website reflects the organization’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and support in Lititz and beyond. We take pride in contributing to a project that not only showcases the impactful work of Lititz Chooses Love but also aids in building a more connected and compassionate community.

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The team at Pennant Creatives made our dreams come to life when they built our website! They really took the time to understand our organization’s mission, values, and vibe. Our website is better than we could’ve imagined! We so appreciated their transparency and thoughtfulness through every step of the design process. And on top of all of that, the price was super reasonable! Thank you to Dana, Chris, and Caitlin for putting so much passion and care into our project!

Laura Sabatini

Lititz Chooses Love

Director of Development