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About Pennant Creatives The only thing more transformational than the creative process? Embracing it with the people you love-- but maybe we are biased!
photography by Michelle Johnsen

About Pennant Creatives

Our story

It was the summer of 2010, when Christopher and I first met on the corner of Christian and Orange Street. Looking back on that evening, we both recall that even in our first conversations, we agreed upon the most important facets of our lives: family and creativity. As we grew to know one another, fell in love, married, and grew into a family– we carried the dream of building a creative business together!

That dream has taken many forms over our years together– finally leading us here, to you, our customers! Your dreams and designs drive us to to constantly improve our process, to strive for innovation, and to keep the vision before us. You are what makes us The Dreamer & The Designer, you are what makes us Pennant Creatives.

The Dreamer and the Designer:

Dana Robertson - The Dreamer

This is Dana Robertson. She’s your biggest fan.

A poet, family storyteller, and musician since childhood, Dana has a lifelong love of all things creative and community. Her passion for community led to a master’s degree in Social Work. In her field, she applied design-thinking to tackle large-scale systemic change to alleviate poverty and end homelessness. With her creative tenacity and strengths-based mindset, she draws out the possibility in each endeavor.

Dana values the perspectives of each person in the creative process-- weaving them together to give shape and substance to each project.

Chris Breimhurst - The Designer

This is Chris Breimhurst. He builds things.

Chris has loved design his whole life. Early on, he found himself helping his dad with design of marketing materials and a website for the family architecture and construction company. Studying design and art in college, Chris has worked with mediums from photography, paint, graphic design, and web design throughout his adult life.

After working as a design freelancer for many years, he started Pennant Creatives (formerly named C. Breimhurst Media Co) with the mission of creating smart, authentic, responsive, and visually compelling web design. In both art and life, Chris isn’t satisfied until the integrity of the process leads him to the best end.

Our Village

It takes a village to build a project– and we are only as strong as those we surround ourselves with! That’s why we have exclusive partners who help us with key competencies on our projects. Rest assured that we hand pick trusted, skilled contract partners. Because we love them so much, we want to introduce you to them!

Sarah Billings - copy editor

Ever the storyteller, Sarah was always a bit long-winded; that is, until she discovered the power of editing. Professionally, she has written grants securing over 5 million grant dollars for community organizations. Job-seekers, students, and published fiction writers seek her out to refine their work. A fellow Social Worker, Sarah brings a strengths-based perspective and keen interpersonal sensibility to editing. Writers are humans, after all— and she seeks to summon your best writing.

Aimee Mitchell McGrath - branding & creative consulting

Aimee is passionate about business branding. As the owner of Soul Creative, Aimee is committed to the stories of her customers, and thus seeks to bring that to the forefront in her branding work.With a breadth of experience in marketing and brand development, she has been acknowledged as a goal-focused expert who is ready to go above-and-beyond to achieve objectives. She’s also excels in creative collaborations and aids in the consulting process with her grounded yet outside the box perspective.

No. 5

When you are working with us, you’ll always have a quick response from a person who is in the know about each step of your project.