In the summer of 2010, Chris and Dana first met on the corner of Christian and Orange Streets in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

From the very beginning, we recognized in each other many similarities, including our shared sense of humor, our passion for baseball and our core values: strong family and community connection, and a deep respect and appreciation for creativity. From there our relationship grew–into love, marriage and a family of our own. As all of these wonderful events transpired and we continued to grow as partners, we recognized our dream was to take our partnership even further, and develop our creativity into a business that we could own and operate as a team!

We have proudly worked to make that dream into a reality, which is now Pennant Creatives! As our business grew, we also established new roles for ourselves as Dana the Dreamer and Chris the Designer. By recognizing our different strengths and abilities, we are able to work together to bring you, our clients, the very best of both of us. It’s your dream that fuels our creativity, and drives us to improve, innovate and cultivate designs and concepts that serve you best.

Our Values


We want our work to be a powerful representation of your values, and have a strong impact on many levels – on individuals, your community, and your brand as a whole. Our Values-Based Branding process works to help uncover your values and goals, and we collaborate with you to define those values and use them to make an impactful statement with your brand.


At Pennant Creatives, we hold wellness as a core value, and see it as an ongoing process of finding balance in physical, mental and emotional health. We see wellness as a way of life that seeks to strengthen our minds, bodies and our values. By identifying those values in both our personal and professional lives, we can work to stay intentional in our interactions and create a sense of balance and overall well-being. We approach each new project with wellness in mind, and seek to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients, and help them to develop a brand that reflects their values and makes a positive impact on the world!


Creativity is a core value that drives all of the work we do at Pennant Creatives – in fact, it’s right there in our name! We believe that the creative process engages the mind, and helps develop original thoughts into innovative ideas that can make positive changes in the world around us. At Pennant, we help our clients uncover their core values, and then devise creative ways to integrate them into their brand as a whole. Creativity is imagination brought to life through action, and we strive to incorporate it in all of the work we do.


We are very proud of all of the work we’ve done at Pennant, and grateful for the skills we’ve learned along the way. But we are continually learning, growing and honing our craft. The quality of our work and attention to detail help us to serve our clients, as well as our guidance and collaboration throughout the process. At Pennant, we believe that quality craftsmanship is the ability to create something of value that endures the test of time, and that is what we strive to do for our clients, their businesses and their brands.


Our business was born out of love – for each other, our families, our community, and of course, our love of baseball! As our business has grown, so has our love for our work and our clients. We show up for our clients as their biggest fans – we want to see them thrive and succeed. We believe that love is the basis for strong human connection, understanding and equality, and that plays into every decision we make in our work and in our lives. We do our best to help others be their best!


At Pennant, we are here for you through every step of the creative process – collaboration is the name of our game! From the first meet and greet through delivery of the final product, our team works with you to ensure your branding is represented in all that you do. And if your project requires some outside help, we have a strong network of service providers within our community that can also work with you. We love to support other local businesses.


Meet the founders of Pennant – the principles you will work with and who will guide each project from idea through final product, and then beyond.

Dana Robertson

Dana will collaborate with you to define the dream for your business and make that dream a reality! She is highly attuned to the needs of her clients and uses her boundless creativity to develop brands and designs that are uniquely yours, while still appealing to a diverse audience.

Chris Breimhurst

When it comes to design, Chris is a heavy hitter! With years of freelance design experience, he works tirelessly to create smart, authentic and compelling projects for his clients. With a strong focus on innovation, Chris handles the technological needs of your business and strives to keep them aligned with your vision.

Statement of Inclusion

Pennant Creatives stands for equality and inclusion across all populations. Our services will not be denied based on age, culture, disabilities, ethnic origin, gender, gender identity, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.