Yourbrandhasvalues! AtPennantweworktouncoverandrefineyourvalues. How?First,wecurateaplanofactionthatalignsbrand&values.Next,wecollaboratewithyoutooutlinethedreamandmakeitreality.Then,WeuseourValues-basedBrandingtocreatesmart&innovativesolutions.

Values-based branding

Pennant has developed a creative process called Values-Based Branding (VBB) to help you uncover and implement a set of values that can be applied to every sector of your business. The Values-Based Branding process with Pennant encourages you to evaluate the core values of your business, while also uncovering the values you may not have recognized as part of your brand!

You want your brand to provide a consistent experience that feels authentic. When you go through the Values-Based Branding process with Pennant, you can truly Discover and implement the values uncovered and can elevate your brand to a level where you are not only reaching your target audience, but also giving them an authentic experience that makes them feel valued!


From visual representation to online presence and beyond, the Pennant team will strategize with you to make sure all of your bases are covered! We pour our passion into every project, and provide professional services that are authentic to your brand.


So much more than a logo or a tagline. We can elevate your company by focusing on your people, your operations and your identity, and create a strong brand that is uniquely yours.

Content Creation

From research to original copy creation, Pennant can help develop your idea into accessible content for blogs, newsletters, social media, and more – all with your target audience in mind.

Creative Consulting

No one knows your business better than you, but it’s easy to get lost in the minutiae and lose sight of the big picture. Sometimes an outside perspective can be just the help you need to take your business to the next level.

Graphic Design

We will transform your ideas, and incorporate all branding attributes, into valuable content for both print and web – including flyers, brochures, newsletters, signage and more.

Social Media

Content creation and management. From strategy to implementation of impactful content, we will collaborate with you to ensure your business is maximizing its online presence!


An integral part of everything we do! Together we will formulate ideas and make a plan that will take your business to the next level, while maintaining your values and authenticity.

Visual Identity

Visual representations of what you do and what values you represent. We’ll work with you to create eye-catching materials that uplift your brand and really knock it out of the park!


Brand new development, revisions or total re-designs. We will create a site that meets all of your technological needs and keeps your audience engaged.

Need photography, illustrations, digital ads, or SEO?
We can coordinate these services when you partner with us on a branding, design, or web project!


Each time we complete a project for our clients, we see an opportunity to raise the pennant! This is in recognition of a strong relationship built on teamwork with our clients, and a celebration of a job well done!

Lititz Chooses Love

Discover how Pennant collaborated with Lititz Chooses Love, a grassroots organization advocating for LGBTQ+ individuals, to create a comprehensive online hub that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusivity, and amplifies the voices of grassroots movements. Learn more about the brand-focused, strategic overhaul that revitalized Lititz Chooses Love’s online presence and bridged the gap between their impactful events, resource center, and the Lancaster County community.


This five-year-old business lacked a cohesive brand and an updated website, posing a challenge that begged for a creative solution. We set to work creating impactful brand and visuals and an easy to update website.

United Way of Lancaster County

Discover how Pennant’s collaboration with United Way of Lancaster County transformed their website, infusing a fresh brand voice and organized navigation. Explore the journey from understanding the brand to the introduction of impactful visuals and the remarkable results achieved through authentic design.


Meet the founders of Pennant – the principles you will work with and who will guide each project from idea through final product, and then beyond.

Dana Robertson

Dana will collaborate with you to define the dream for your business and make that dream a reality! She is highly attuned to the needs of her clients and uses her boundless creativity to develop brands and designs that are uniquely yours, while still appealing to a diverse audience.

Chris Breimhurst

When it comes to design, Chris is a heavy hitter! With years of freelance design experience, he works tirelessly to create smart, authentic and compelling projects for his clients. With a strong focus on innovation, Chris handles the technological needs of your business and strives to keep them aligned with your vision.

Press Box

Dispatches from the around the office. Check here for weekly recaps, project announcements, process Q&A’s – maybe some baseball news thrown in for good fun!

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