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What I've Been Up To – Hats, Passion, and Helping People

Written by Dana Robertson

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Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

I’ve always loved hats. I’ve been told that I wear them well. I’ve begun to notice how life has a fabulous way of handing you brand new hats you’d never even dreamed of trying.  I’ve found myself trying on and really liking many of these “hats” giving way to the exploration of my passions– new and old.
MSW, Mama, Account Manager, Entrepreneur, campaign volunteer – the list of titles that I’ve taken on has more than doubled in the past year. I have been astounded by all the change that has occurred in my life professionally.  Lately, I’ve gotten questions about it. Things like:

  • What’s the plan? Have you abandoned full time Social Work permanently?
  • What do you love about what you are doing now?
  • Where do you see this all going?

These are questions I’ve asked myself often in the past year or so… and questions I continue to ask. As I’ve considered them, I’ve come to realize the ways in which the Social Worker and the Entrepreneur intersect. So, as I embark on an exciting chapter in my life, I wanted to put this in writing. Here goes:

  1. Scientific Inquiry and the Learning process.
    I consider myself to be a lifelong learner. Scientific inquiry is a cornerstone in the Social Work profession. This inquiry compels us to ask questions and garner feedback, ensuring the continual process of understanding how issues impact those most vulnerable in an ever-changing world. Now, as I’m expand our family business, scientific inquiry guides me to new discoveries and unconsidered questions. It’s what drives our company– entertaining fresh ideas, best practices, and innovative ways to design and make our customers truly standout. Scientific inquiry gives me the bravery to trust when the process is demanding, to admit when I don’t know something, and to adapt alongside the dynamic web development and design industry.
  2. Helping can take many forms.
    There will never be a day where I hang up my hat as a social worker– empowering those who are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty is just too important to me. But how glorious it is to give of my time and expertise freely in volunteering! In order to sustain a work-life balance, every Social Worker must eventually tame that fire-in-your-belly feeling that ignites a career in the helping profession. As an entrepreneur, I get to keep my fire, investing it at my discretion to the causes I hold dearest. These things continue to form me and inform my work. Our thriving local business community only brings resources and life to our neighbors! With C. Breimhurst Media Co., I get to promote equitable and fair business practices, empower other local businesses, and create a positive online message that reflects our community. Just as in Social Work, our bottom line is benefiting others; all the while, adding our flair to the tapestry that is the Lancaster business community–a place where everyone can grow and thrive.
  3. In both fields, you’ve got to be pretty darn good at getting stuff done.
    Social Work certainly makes one a self-starter; launching a brand new social services program in Lancaster County taught me two important skills: 1. Effective multitasking at a breakneck speed and 2. Creating space for interruptions that turn into opportunities. I have found that both pace and people are still essential to my work.
  4. At the end of the day, it’s about people and their strengths.
    This is what drew me to my Social Work vocation… and like in social services, the most important asset in business is the people. The opportunity to hear how someone put it all on the line to start something new never gets old! It is a joy that I infuse into every project that CBMediaCo. completes. As we work through a branding, consult, or design project, I feel that trusty old Social Worker hat helping me identify strengths and potential of each customer. It’s rewarding work to champion businesses in this unique way.
  5. Lead by values.
    When I was in school for my MSW, my management professor gave me some of the best advice about leadership.  That advice was simply “lead by values”. I value unity, compassion, dignity, and social justice. I believe we are better when we join forces. This is what drove me in my Social Work to partner instead of compete and this is what drives me today. These same values are what drive us to challenge the “how” and the “why” when we are faced with the “what” in our online content and design work. Both as Social Worker and Entrepreneur, I treasure living creatively, doing the right thing, and owning the values that drove us towards the work in the first place: that what makes our work and our community more meaningful and vibrant is that which pulls us closer to one another.

So, you may be asking “What now?” I say, “Get to know us!” New hats, old hats– all are welcome. If you have a comment, introduction, or project you want to connect us with, drop a line in this link below.

Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

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