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Episode 6 – The Dreamer and The Designer

Why is this so hard? Why is finding a name for yourself so difficult. Well I mean there’s several things.

Dana: Welcome to the Dreamer and the designer. I’m Dana, the dreamer.

Chris: and I’m Chris, the designer.

Dana: and today we are going to talk about “What’s in a name!” That’s a catchy title. I actually came up with a name for this vlog. That’s awesome! Cause guess what? We still can’t figure out what our name should be!

Chris: Yep as we mentioned in Episode 5 we are rebranding and we are still trying to narrow down what our name is.

Dana: Why is this so hard? Why is finding a name for yourself so difficult. Well I mean there’s several things. There’s not only the picking of the name but then if you’re a web based company you have to make sure that the–what’s that thing, the URL? The URL, the hashtag handles and the tweetzie things. You gotta think about all that… so there’s that. And we also went through the list of things we didn’t want in a name.

Chris: Mhm. And that was sort of– haha… I’m pretty good at deciding what things that I don’t like– taking away options. So I was thinking of naming conventions that are pretty popular right now where you do something with a noun and the noun. For example, for a long time Dana and I have been going by The Fox and the Wolf. And I think there may be some music there that you might want to listen to.

Dana: Really? I didn’t know this! Check it out!

Chris: Yep.. and I really thought the noun and the noun was pretty…

Dana: The Suitcase and the Satchel! The Acorn and the Kernel!

Chris: giggles– and so I said okay let’s avoid that and then another one that I wanted to avoid was a name with the number in it. And to be honest I have a hard time remembering companies and restaurants that include number in their name.

Dana: So no Omnibus 35… no Table 11 which I actually really wanted to go with Table 11 for personal…

Chris: Yes I really liked that name. That name was really significant for us in our family.

Dana: But no numbers, no noun and noun, were there any other restrictions that you put on the process?

Chris: Well I really wanted to focus on one word names so that you didn’t have to really kindof take a couple seconds to spit out the name. So our current name C. Breimhurst Media Co. takes a little bit so I wanted something simple.

Dana: and you have to spell it for people and stuff so… that makes sense. So yeah… we went through a lot of ones that we kicked out and said “hey what about this? What about that?” We are driving down the road and I’m like “What about road sign?” “What about railroad crossing?” “What about Leaves of Grass?” like that kind of thing. So lots of brainstorming is happening guys.

Chris: And right now we feel really good about a couple of names that we have chosen. And so we’ve actually submitted them to our personal focus group.

Dana: So in future episodes we will be talking about our personal focus group. Which I think will be really fun to talk about. But um so yeah! We’ve been running it by our people, we’ve been running it by each other. It’s been in the topic of conversation randomly throughout the day I’ll go to the online thesaurus and look for like– synonyms for concepts that I like or that kindof thing hoping to come across the thing. You know what this is really similar to honestly? When we picked our name for our daughter.

Chris: Yep, you start out like just spitting out names that you like and maybe names that have a bad association and you unfortunately have to cross that off the list. You go from there.

Dana: It’s like that. It’s like naming your baby. But you know the good thing with us is that um, it was a surprise, the gender of our baby is a surprise and so finally when she arrived and like we both separately saw her and we thought the exact same name um and so I think this is gonna be maybe not quite as similar as naming our child but I feel like it’s one of those things like when you feel it, you know it kind of thing. So I’m just having faith in that. So, um, so anyway thanks for tuning in and listening to us talk about what the process has been for us. Have you had trouble naming things? What kinds of things do you do to decide– to make big decisions on things like this in your branding process? So you know give us a shout! Let us know and we will see you next time.

Chris: See ya!

Dana: Bye

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