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Opening Day,Community Love, and a Sing-a-Long

Written by Dana Robertson

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Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

Editor’s Note

This video was filmed in March 2020 during shutdown, at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Major League Baseball cancelled the first few months of the season and began to play again in June.

Video Transcript

good afternoon everybody

dreamer designer here and we are

celebrating the would be opening day of

Major League Baseball which was

postponed yeah I think it’s like one of

the first times that’s ever happened we

were about ready to celebrate with the

party our custom but it is opening day

in our hearts also we had planned for a

special lunch at the candy factory for

our co-working community with hot dogs

and pretzels

we assure you our dear beloved

co-working community we will do a lunch

there will be popcorn

there will be pretzels they’re going to

have will be hotdogs

I really love this bone finger I know

you love it too also so anyway I hope

you’re like us and you’re donning your

most favorite teams

it is really painting Chris that he is

sitting next to me right now

I have to say that this foam figure has

been thrown out of many windows he has

tried and he has not succeeded I’m

actually gonna put this way because it

is a little distracting probably yeah

it also probably pains him that a Mets

fan is sitting in his beloved and pretty

freaking awesome that stadium seats that

we have here on our back porch this is a

total invasion

but you do this I am the dreamer so

things you have to deal with it’s that’s

not these are these are amazing anyway

so yes and I’m probably gonna be

switching half a lot because I just

couldn’t decide what to wear today okay

so happy would be opening day we hope

that wherever you’re at today that and

if you love baseball that it is also in

your hearts and minds we wanted to also

say speaking of baseball we have a new

look on our website for those of you who

have been following us a while you have

seen the journey and the evolution that

our website has been taking take a look

if you haven’t seen it recently it also

really explains why we’re just getting

on social media and talking about how

much we love baseball so yeah check that


so yeah and a little bit more of a

serious note we just wanted to say to

our small business community you have

also been on our hearts and in our minds

as we launched Lang care with some of

our other community members last week we

have continued to you know just make

additions to changes and hearing from a

lot of you in the community and we just

want to say thank you and we’re still

thinking of you and we’re here if you

need something if you want to process be

it design marketing or just what to

update on your link dot care listing or

really anything else we are here and we

just want to continue to try to show up

for one another during this time so

wanted to let you all know that we’re

also going to be posting some resources

that we have found really helpful to us

in the next few days on our social

channels and just kind of get in the

word out and you’ll be seeing some new

changes coming up here soon with leg

care as we continue to work on that

so all right also I would like to make

an analogy because I love analogies that

we are also considering today and our

long wait for baseball season to start

it a little bit like for life to go back

to like a regular normal I guess

normal is very relative we consider this

to be a very long seventh-inning stretch

so baseball fans unite hold on I’m gonna

switch hats because I really really like

this hat

shout out to Philip and Lauren yeah yep

yep yep yes

okay seventh-inning stretch who’s with


let’s sing and sway if you don’t like

singing ready take me out to the ball

game take me out with the crowd


Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks

I don’t care if I never get back as its

root root root for the smash if they

don’t win it’s a shame cuz it’s one two

three strikes you’re out at the old ball



play ball guys raise your pennant high

and we’ll see you next time see you


Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

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