Building a new online business with unique branding from the ground up.


A brand identity and custom website that solidified Therasuite’s unique value.


Built a self-running online business with minimal upkeep.

Alison Pidgeon, a serial private mental health practice entrepreneur, came to Pennant with a desire to develop a new business idea. TheraSuite was born out of Alison’s two passions: interior design and developing people and values-centric mental health therapy practices. 

TheraSuite exists to help mental health practitioners who are starting their own practices to design in-office spaces conducive to therapeutic care, removing the pain of having to do the extensive research themselves. 

 When browsing TheraSuite, therapists can choose two options: 

  • DIY their offices by purchasing a curated board of a themed interior design (much like you find on Pinterest) and using the included links to buy their new office pieces. 
  • Choose a themed board and match with a designer to collaborate on their perfect office design.

To understand and develop TheraSuite as an online business, we asked, What kinds of offices do practitioners want for themselves and their clients? and started our research from there. 

Alison, as a therapist herself, shared intel about important elements that therapy offices need, like noiseless clocks and sound panels. We then determined a way to bring her ideas to life with a website and designed a marketing quiz called, “What’s your Therapy Office Design Style?” as a lead generation tool to match mental health practitioners with curated interior design themes. The end product was a calming backdrop to multiple styles, types, and budget friendly board options. 

In addition to audience research to inform market positioning and user experience, Alision also needed the ability to update TheraSuite’s website on her own with minimal assistance. Chris, Pennant’s web developer and designer, designed the TheraSuite website so that Alision can easily update content as needed.

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Pennant did an amazing job of taking my business idea and translating it into a fully customized website! They were organized, responsive and had good ideas about how to make the website work the way I wanted it to. I would highly recommend them if you need website or branding work for your business!

Alison Pidgeon


owner and licensed counselor