MiHLO Initiative


Boosting Continuing Medical Education course participation.


Discover needs of target audience through surveys; Brand Strategy focused on reshaping engagement on LinkedIn


Increased following and engagement; increased enrollments in courses and greater authentic reach to target audience

At Pennant we take a collaborative, innovative, and values-based approach to all of the work we do. This approach, combined with our commitment to helping businesses elevate their brand, was front and center as we worked alongside MiLHO founder, Helen Fosam. Together we took a transformative journey to address the challenges the MiLHO Initiative MiLHO was facing: demonstrating the power of authentic connections, informed decisions, and innovative solutions in branding and social media management.

Helen Fosam, the founder of MiLHO Initiative, is a medical writer with deep-rooted connections and expertise in her field. She developed courses that are tailored to the specific needs of medical professionals in Africa, and provide access to quality education at affordable prices. Helen is strongly committed to making a difference in healthcare education, and even offers one course for free, with the rest easily accessible for a nominal fee.

When Helen launched MiLHO, her online course on diabetes garnered tremendous interest due to its free availability. However, subsequent paid courses failed to attract the same level of attention and participation. Helen faced the challenge of increasing course enrollments and engagement. She turned to Pennant for guidance on reviving her educational initiative.

At Pennant, we embarked on the journey to transform MiLHO’s outreach and impact, starting with a comprehensive Brand Strategy Lineup. Our initial discovery process led us to the pivotal question: “How can we promote the courses to medical practitioners in Africa and give them accessible and affordable content?” To answer this, we conducted surveys among the physicians, which yielded invaluable insights. We discovered that they frequent LinkedIn, seek flexibility in learning, and are comfortable with course fees up to $5 USD.

Armed with this new information, we revamped the course pricing, setting it at $5 per course. To reach a wider audience, we crafted core messaging for the MiLHO Initiative and executed a six-month social media campaign on Helen Fosam’s professional LinkedIn page. Our campaign showcased MiLHO’s educational blogs, course promotions, and downloadable educational materials. Additionally, we conducted video interviews featuring Helen speaking with practicing physicians in Africa, and highlighted the importance of Continuing Medical Education (CME).

In essence, we redefined how MiLHO engaged with its target audience by aligning it with the survey’s findings.

The results of our collaboration were nothing short of remarkable. Within the first month of the campaign, the reach of Helen’s LinkedIn surged by 40%. The implementation of our Brand Strategy enabled Helen to establish authentic connections with general practitioners throughout Africa. The social media campaign was informed by the survey data, and led to increased downloads of free resources and boosted course enrollments.

Through this project, Helen found her unique voice on social media, continually expanding her connections and reach on LinkedIn. The MiLHO Initiative, strengthened by a fresh approach to branding and a revamped social media strategy, now thrives as a valuable resource for medical professionals in Africa seeking affordable Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses.

I approached Dana when my fledgling MiLHO Initiative was nothing more than an idea that lacked visibility and following. I was immediately impressed when Dana allocated a dedicated writer for all the content created. Even more impressive was the research behind every content they wrote, ensuring that it resonated with my brand, my voice, and my mission. Every posting was planned well ahead, giving me plenty of time to review. Pennant Creatives made me LOOK GOOD! This dream team is the perfect combination of talent to spotlight and maximize my online presence. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to shine.

Helen Fosam

MiLHO Initiative, Founder