The Dance Collective

Services Provided:


Increase new dance team recruits.


Define The Dance Collective’s value; Create and implement a social media strategy.


More confidence in social media management; greater engagement both online and offline.

Rebecca Gentry is the owner of City Ballroom Dance Studio in Lancaster, PA. She has been in the business of teaching adults how to dance for 20 years. Rebecca came to Pennant as she faced challenges with developing her new youth ballroom dance team, The Dance Collective. The main challenge was keeping a rolling traction around recruiting new members each season. When we started working together, Rebecca didn’t have enough dancers for the upcoming season. Because the previous year had been successful, we spent time understanding the connections the team built in that year. We determined that moving forward with a strategy that focused on a collaborative, flexible, and welcoming culture was the best fit for the dancers Rebecca wanted to attract. 

Engagement was key for growing this dance team. It was clear that the personality, the dancing, and the team themselves needed to be featured consistently in social media. The other clear strategic direction was extending the community that The Dance Collective embodied – so we focused on how we could start building that. The entire strategy was implemented by Rebecca, and as a result, The Dance Collective has gained more traction in both recruitment and the greater ballroom community.

In the few sessions we were able to establish the most effective way to reach my target audience. To be able to clearly state the goals and benefits of The Dance Collective and to identify the particular type of student I’m looking for has been enormously helpful! I have pages of amazing copy that we hashed out together that I can simply cut and paste to social media.

Rebecca Gentry

City Ballroom Dance Studio