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Soul Creative by Aimee Mitchell McGrath

Print & Branding

Organic Inspiration.

Scope of Work

For any business, a logo should signify to customers the spirit of the company. A logo distinguishes a company’s style-- both aesthetic and experiential. It tells customers what to expect.

It was obvious upon meeting Aimee Mitchell McGrath that her organic approach threads itself through her business and would come through in our work. We spent our first meeting discussing her desires for a landing page and logo for her company, Soul Creative. The tree resonated with Aimee’s grounded personality and her work style.

After uncovering the sources of inspiration with Aimee-- including one of her original paintings-- it was time for the sketching. In a sketch, Chris puts his initial instincts to paper. His sketches serve as an excellent analog starting place. They keep us focused, ensuring the original ideas and inspiration don’t get lost.

Once the Soul Creative sketches were complete, we translated them into a digital design to pitch. It is important for us to provide our customer with an array of options. Here’s an example of a few we floated by Aimee:

Aimee was delighted. “It was the easiest process ever! I was so thrilled with the result.” She reviewed the range of options, identified what resonated most with her, and offered few tweaks-- moving us to the final look. We were all so proud of what putting our heads together produced!

An added bonus? In the process of getting to know Aimee, we noticed how well matched we were. Thus, Aimee also became a member of our village!

Preliminary Sketch

No. 4

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