Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center at YWCA of Lancaster

Services Provided:


The lack of community awareness about the Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center.


Create and implement a focused brand strategy.


Increased community impact.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center (SAPCC) at YWCA of Lancaster is Lancaster County’s crisis response and survivor support for anyone who has been affected by sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. The Center also houses a 24/7 crisis hotline where staff and volunteers provide compassionate listening and connection to survivors and supporters of survivors. 

When SAPCC came to us, they were struggling to get the word out about the support that they offer to survivors and their supporters (families, friends, etc). The number of calls to the hotline during the past few years had decreased, and with the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, isolation for survivors and support networks was an even greater concern.  

We assessed SAPCC’s current activities—what the counseling program is about, what the hotline is, and how they were presently getting the word out to others. We learned that they were strong in the depth of knowledge and understanding around supporting survivors and those who support them during their moments of crisis. However, it also was clear that more connection with the outside community would need to take place by organizing a strategy to engage potential ambassadors and that marketing materials needed to be audited and updated to create an impactful and memorable visual experience. 

The Brand Strategy focused on generating new ambassadors and increased placement with streamlined visual identity. Lastly, we established a timeline of actions that helped to first solidify the brand shift and then move to further action of convening and creating storytelling ongoing to continue to get the word out about the lived experience and impact of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. Additionally, the strategy defined what others can do to support or respond if they are triggered or experience these events.