Lancaster County Workforce Development Board


Modernizing the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board Brand


Discovering core values, creating a new brand identity, and translating values and identity to a new website


A clearly defined brand that uncovered values and a website that is more usable and attractive.

The Lancaster County Workforce Development Board (WIB) is an organization that connects job seekers with the resources and education they need to have successful careers in the community. One of WIB’s primary struggles was confusion among their target audience about what the organization does and how they can positively impact the greater Lancaster County community. 

As a result, WIB’s goal was to clearly express their mission and core programs by redesigning their website that was more than 15 years-old. We dedicated several strategy meetings talking through who WIB is as an organization and what their values are. We then translated this core information visually to their site—complete with custom organization and a way to easily add news content and data. 

The second part of the brand refresh was socializing WIB’s new brand identity to leadership and staff. We presented key elements and values to WIB’s board and how WIB’s redefined identity relates to the work each person at WIB completes each day. Clearly defining impact sets WIB for success now and in the future.

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After identifying our brand strategy, we spent time prioritizing and mapping out what’s important for our website. We were able to work both virtually and in-person with Pennant and finished the product in the agreed timeframe. Feedback we’ve received about the site is that it flows well, is very organized and engaging, and by infusing our brand with our mission, we believe the website is a shining example of how we are “connectors” in the community.

Valerie Hatfield

Lancaster County Workforce Development Board

Director of Strategic Partnerships