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Glenn Hope AgriCare

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It starts with a sketch.

How do you harness the power of one visual identity?

Scope of Work

Local organic farming, honoring veterans, a place for the hard work of healing, three generations of farmers… these make up the powerful story of Glenn Hope AgriCare, but how do you harness that power into one visual identity?

This was the question that we asked ourselves as we commenced our work with Aimee Morris, CEO and third generation farmer at Glenn Hope AgriCare.

Looking through Aimee’s lens, we saw something spectacular-- veterans, empowered and healing through fulfilling employment on a picturesque farm. She tells the story of her family’s 43 acre farm-- it holds a legacy of making things better for those yet to come. It supplies an abundance of locally sourced food and an inspiring place for veterans.

We were honored to find a way to incorporate all of these concepts visually into her logo and style. Aimee’s insight from her on what types of images would be most important led us to our initial sketches.

From the sketchpad:

Once the sketches were reviewed, we moved to digital design. What we ended up with was an image that resonates both honor for our veterans and the life-giving nature of a farm environment. We employed red and blue hues to nod to military service, tying it to the earth with grounding green accents.

At times, it’s important make sure the visual representation isn’t so encompassing that it becomes too busy to be easily understood. This could easily happen with a vision as immense as Aimee’s; so, we were purposeful about keeping it simple. What we ended up with is a visual identity that distills the mission of Glenn Hope AgriCare at its core: honoring the earth and our veterans.

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