Values Based Branding

Free Webinar

March 9, 2021 at 4:00pm EST

Now, more than ever– our customers and employees alike are looking to buy from and work for companies that are transparent about what matters to them– their core values. This doesn’t just apply to mission based organizations anymore… no matter your type of business, the generation with the most buying power — millennials —  are looking to see what your brand stands for — or doesn’t stand for…

A brand that is inconsistent and lacks clarity in communicating values will:

  • lose loyal customers 
  • miss opportunities to win over new customers.
  • stall the client relationship cycle
  • experience high employee turnover

Join Millennial owned creative agency, Pennant Creatives as we talk all things Values Based Branding. In this Webinar, we’ll give you the tools to assess what your Brand’s hidden values are and the implications this may have for your company