Survey: Ocean City

Written by Chris Breimhurst

Published on

Editor’s Note

Survey is an ongoing photo-journal series documenting the physical signage of a community. The photos are not intended to be connected to each other by any other way.

Hand-painted parking sign around 1st St.

I have a special admiration for hand-painted signs – especially when they are recently created. This one looks to have been painted within 10 years. This could have been easily created on a computer and sent to a sign printer without much time or trouble. But the owner of this parking lot had a dream.

Ocean City pavilion at boardwalk terminus

The approach to the boardwalk from 1st Street has a pavilion with a raised A-frame roof which frames the oceanic horizon. Directly above the opening is ‘Welcome to Ocean City’ arched over the letters ‘O’ and ‘C’ which are shaped like rolling waves. It’s a simple motif and palette, not overdone, which immediately connects the sea-side aesthetic.

Rock & Roll amusement ride off the boardwalk

A few steps from the OC Welcome Pavilion is this beauty. While I cannot attest to how this ride rides it is secondary to the spectacle of its crown. This marvel is hand air-brushed featuring musical icons flanked by two jukeboxes and highlighted by a car punching through.

Ocean Gallery at 2nd St. on the boardwalk

Then there is this. If a building could shout like a banshee this would be how it looks. There is a story here which I’m afraid to research if only for the sizable wormhole that would appear. Best thing about this is how it can change week to week due to the elements blowing, drenching, or bleaching its myriad fixtures.