Summer 2021 Values Based Branding applies to every sector of your organization.

Survey: Lancaster


Survey is an ongoing photo-journal series documenting the physical signage of a community. The photos are not intended to be connected to each other by any other way.

Capt. Gus’ Steaks & Subs

Capt. Gus’ has one of my favorite assemblage of signage for its vintage, worn patina, and idiosyncrasy. There’s the rooftop sign with color blocks, then the sign flanking the entrance for pedestrians.

Lancaster Dispensing Company

Dipco is a place we feel most at home. After succumbing to a kitchen fire in the Fall of 2017, the “red restaurant” reopened with a bold, blocky signage on the corner frieze where there was none before. It calls thirsty visitors to its door from clear across Market Alley.

Prince Street Garage, Orange Street entrance

This one is interesting as it is bright, candy red that still pops with the brick red behind it. The white “P” within red circle functions as an icon for drivers seeking parking.

Brendee’s Irish Pub

Two signs here: the one painted on shiplap and the board hanging off the side. Both have “Brendee’s” in script, “Irish Pub” capitalized in a serif type, and a four leaf clover. What’s neat is that the hanging sign has the script and the serif within the clover, while the clover adorns the script on the shiplap.

By walking us through what to expect in the branding process, we were able to make better decisions on what was important for us to portray in our branding.

Irene Burgess, Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts