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Survey: Community Organizations

Written by Dana Robertson

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Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

This year, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with four community organizations. Their work has inspired us and we’ve been so excited to bring our creative process to help them promote the mission of their organization both in print and online! We wanted to highlight each organization’s work and give you, our readers, practical ways that you can support them with your time and resources.


C.A.S.E. — the Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation of Children exists to engage the community to protect our children against sexual exploitation of any kind through prevention, reporting, and links to helpful resources. This incredible coalition provides resources for both prevention and response to suspected child abuse. They have all of these resources available online at their website!

We were able to partner with them to update their website and complete a large format printing project for their window display.

How You Can Support Them

The Coalition members are raising funds in the ExtraGive 2019 — shout out to YWCA of LancasterSACA, and Safe Communities — so consider supporting these organizations for the ExtraGive. The most important way that you can support C.A.S.E. is by getting the word out about the website and resources provided on it. Our biggest takeaway from working on this project is that it’s everyone’s job to help prevent and stop the sexual exploitation of our children.

Glenn Hope Care Farm

Glenn Hope Care Farm is a 501c3 in York County that focuses on Veteran care and wellness through the work and beautiful surroundings of Glenn Hope Farm. The founder and farmer, Aimee Morris, a US Marine Corps Veteran explains their mission best: “The birth of Glenn Hope was necessary in order to bring something to the community that we needed but did not yet exist. It was on my heart to bring to the community a place where people could heal- where humility and living relationally was the primary focus. For so long in our society we have dehumanized business and namely “health care,” with our focus misplaced on numbers, census and productivity. As human beings we bond not because of numbers but because of trust, empathy, loyalty and true concern for our fellow people. My prayer is that Glenn Hope become the hub of hope, humility and healing.”

They have been incredible to partner with. We were able to design their logo and branding guide and helped them get a small website online. We also continue to provide print design for their event flyers.

How You Can Support Them

You can donate to Glenn Hope by visiting their website.

They also have free range eggs for sale year round. Right now, they are in need of volunteers and small business owners for their upcoming fundraiser, Fill The Boot which will take place the end of November 2019 and beginning of December 2019. Contact Aimee to get more information!

Meals on Wheels of Lancaster

Meals on Wheels of Lancaster is an organization we’ve worked with for a few years. We had the privilege of re-designing their website and have continued to help them maintain and optimize it.

MOW of Lancaster provides freshly prepared meals at no or low cost to those who cannot prepare meals for themselves. They do this by cooking nutritious dinners each weekday and utilizing the help of 75 volunteers a week to deliver these to homes across Lancaster County. On top of that, they offer resources to assist with SNAP applications, light housekeeping help, and companionship for our 65+ neighbors. They do incredible work each day in our community!

How You Can Support Them

This year, they are participating in Lancaster’s Extraordinary Give, so consider donating to them on November 22nd or any other day on their website.

On top of that, they utilize the help of 75 volunteers a week! That’s a LOT of volunteers and they are looking for drivers right now to help deliver meals. You can find information for how to get involved… you guessed it, on their website.

Columbia Market House

We’ve been working hard at a yet to be released website for Columbia Market House, a project by CHI St. Josephs Children’s Health. Part of the mission of Market House is to work in and alongside the Columbia community revitalization efforts. CHI St. Josephs serves throughout Lancaster County to improve the overall health of children and families in our community. It’s been incredible to partner with them as they do their good work. We can’t WAIT to reveal the results of our work together, so stay tuned!

How You Can Support Them

This year, CHI St. Joesphs Children’s Health is participating in the Extraordinary Give — you can donate on November 22nd to them here. You can also be looking for the launch of Columbia Market House in 2020 and come out to visit and shop! It’s going to be awesome.

Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

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