Soul Creative by Aimee – Design that Resonates Roots and Branches

Written by Dana Robertson

Published on

When we met with Aimee McGrath to take first steps to building a landing page and logo for her, we knew we’d need to get the logo just right to match her grounded yet creative spirit. We were able to create a landing page that highlights the three aspects of her growing business. She was also able to work with us to refine the written content, including her bio–the hardest section of a website for any business owner to write on their own!
For the logo, we were able to get inspiration through our process of getting to know Aimee better and through a piece of her art that she shared with us: an image of a tree. The end result? Aimee was delighted with our work. “It was the easiest process ever! I was so thrilled.”
See more about our process with the development of the logo!
We are so excited with the end result and the best part? We gained a trusted member of our village and are excited for work that we’ll be able to do with her in the future! Thanks, Aimee.