Values Based Branding

Values Based Branding is the creative process to uncover and implement a set of values that are applied in every sector of your organization.

As we know, a brand provides a consistent experience — for most people they think of visual branding – the logo, colors and style.  Values Based Branding defines your company in the way it interacts with people, and the methods in which your product or service is developed.

It goes beyond a simple statement of a set of values – it takes this list and applies it and gives you the guidance to live it each day.

Case Study: More Than A Mop

Professional cleaner with an all natural approach who wanted to show the values in her branding

Work included an extensive Values Based Branding Discovery session. 

We took the time to get to know their story and what makes their approach to cleaning so strong. 

We also guided her on about strategy, implementation of her visual assets, and next steps as she continues to grow her business. 

 If you’re striving to have your organization shine with something more — the meaning of what you represent along with what you do–  Values Based Branding is just that!

Interested in learning more about what Values Based Branding can do for you?