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Monthly Catch – September 2019

We curated some of the bright spots from the industry this month and put 'em together for your review in this month's monthly catch!

First up in our monthly catch is something that Dana the Dreamer can’t get enough of. These entrancing images by joytwo leave us astounded. We can’t stop scrolling through!

Next up is a product design that is sure to revolutionize our family game nights. We have one game already that teaches coding, but this seems next level. Kids can code their own games and play them with the family! We love a good educational game.

Technology Will Save Us

I guess if everyone’s talking about it, we can’t look away! The next Apple logo is fascinating. We love bringing back the rainbow– color is where it’s at. What are your thoughts?

The add featuring the new logo. Created by Apple.

Catch us next month when we continue to delve into the newest in Design and Development in our monthly Catch!

Cheers, The Dreamer and The Designer

No. 5

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