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Monthly Catch – October 2019

Just ask a Ducky!

So we really dug this problem solving method for its simplicity… sometimes the art of solving your own problems takes a re-frame and learning to ask the right questions. Check out this method!:

Bye ‘Following’ Tab!

Instagram announced that they will be removing the following tab from the app. The reasons cited seem to have to do with simplicity– what do you think of the change?

Spooky Doodles

We found an awesome collection of Halloween google doodles. I know! Check them out and tell us which on is your favorite!

Check back next month for our grabs from all over the internet! Happy October and Happy Halloween!

By walking us through what to expect in the branding process, we were able to make better decisions on what was important for us to portray in our branding.

Irene Burgess, Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts