Monthly Catch: November 2019

Written by Dana Robertson

Published on

This month, we found an intriguing ap, a focus on women, and a hack for dealing with stress! The internet provides such interesting snippets. Read on for what we found.

Women in Design

The industry has just never been good about recognizing the contributions of women in the world of design and now there’s a book that highlights famous women and lesser known women designers and their work. It covers so many different disciplines in the world of design from textiles to fashion and everywhere in between! This book looks super interesting not to mention inspiring. Read more in the article about the writing of the book or just check out the book Women in Design that was just released.

Famous textiles designer Maija Isola

How would my Dog look as a Cat?

If you’ve ever asked this question, we found an app that shows you what your pet (any pet! not just a dog) would look like as another breed or another animal entirely. So interesting– check out the app and see what you think! We tried it with Tug, the wonder pup and this is the result…

Top left hand corner is Tug himself!

Hack that Stress

This article we discovered talks about how to think about stress as an athlete– like a pit crew member during a NASCAR race. The re-framing of thinking about stress is refreshing– rather than being afraid, think of stress as a challenge. It changes the entire narrative in your head! This is for sure something we will try.

Here's November's review of articles and fun we discovered on the interwebs!