Meals on Wheels of Lancaster: A Website that displays mission and function

Written by Dana Robertson

Published on

Meals on Wheels of Lancaster is a non-profit with a mission:  provide nutritious meals delivered to any person in their service area who can’t reasonably provide meals for themselves. As a non-profit, however, they do more than just what their name suggests–they also provide light assistance with housework, assistance with connection to SNAP benefits, and opportunities for ongoing community connection– just to name a few!
So, in our work with them, we felt strongly about building a website that is designed not only to organize and effectively showcase the components of their organization but to make sure that their website functions in a way that streamlined some of their administrative processes.
We were able to add many custom illustrations and design elements as well as plug ins to ensure that the unique nature and service orientation of this organization was evident on each page and with each piece of content. We were so excited with the result.
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