Glenn Hope AgriCare — Farming with a Purpose

Written by Dana Robertson

Published on

Aimee has an amazing vision of using the gorgeous setting of her family farm to create space for veterans to be empowered and find healing. In our initial conversations, she took the time to share that vision with us. She also took the time to tell us the story of her family farm– situated on 43 acres of land, it holds so much potential to be a space that empowers veterans but also provides locally sourced food to local surrounding restaurants and markets.
The product that we delivered through the process of learning about this amazing organization was a landing page and contact page for Glenn Hope AgriCare. We also designed a logo and style guide that was reflective of the values and the mission of Glenn Hope AgriCare at its core: farming and honor of our veterans.
See more about our logo and style guide process with Glenn Hope AgriCare.