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Four Resources that Make Your Life Easier

Written by Dana Robertson

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Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

I am a HUGE fan of awesome online resources– especially if they are free. The good news is that there are about a gajillion out there. Literally. The BAD news? There are about a gajillion out there!

So, I took some time to compile some of our favorites to share with you so that you, too, can benefit from them. I guarantee that at least one of these awesome resources will leave you saying “Where have you been all my life?”

So, here are four resources that make OUR lives at Pennant easier:


Yeah, emojis are everywhere – but sometimes you need quick access to them in your desktop/laptop – or you need other symbols. Search this page for your symbol and click it – you’ll have the emoji/symbol copied and ready to use!


You’ve got this text in a file, saved as ‘important_status_report.doc’ but then you find another file called ‘important_status_report_autosave.doc’ – so which one is the real deal?  Copy the text of each into this site and let it check for differences. You can even use for HTML.


Hey look, we’re not saying you’re photography needs improvement.  All we’re saying a ton of photographers with darn good equipment have already contributed their work to this site for you to use pro bono – searchable by topic. It’s just super convenient.

10 Minute Markup Crash Course

This last one… well as you can see it’s on our blog. Because I created it– can you believe that I  couldn’t find this online anywhere and find it essential in making our stuff look right. I figured other people might have the same need. So, here’s a crash course to simple markup coding that makes everyone’s lives easier! You’re welcome.

So there you have it– four tried and true resources. Which one did you like the best? What did you try out of this bunch that has made YOUR life easier. Reach out and tell us!

Til Next Time,
The Designer

Pennant's blog has been on hiatus since mid 2020, but is preparing for a return in 2023

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