About – draft


It was the summer of 2010, when Christopher and Dana first met on the corner of Christian and Orange Street in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Looking back on that evening, we both recall that even in our first conversations, we agreed upon the most important facets of our lives: family and creativity. As we grew to know one another, fell in love, married, and grew into a family– we carried the dream of building a creative business together!

That dream has taken many forms over our years together– finally leading us here, to you, our customers! Your dreams and designs drive us to to constantly improve our process, to strive for innovation, and to keep the vision before us. You are what makes us The Dreamer & The Designer, you are what makes us Pennant Creatives.

Our Values


We work with the intention to impact our local community economically, socially, and environmentally in as many ways as we can.


We promote the values of a living wage, realistic workload, affordable healthcare, and family first in our company and for those we work with or who work for us.


We work to help others discover their own creativity and ensure that creative pursuits are a change agent in companies, systems, and the world. 


We turn to it to ensure that our outcomes are well researched, iterative, and sustain the test of time. 


We let love lead in our craft, with our clients, and in our community